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New England Stone Ind., Inc.
Fletcher Granite LLC
15 Branch Pike
Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917
Phone: (401) 232-2040
Fax: (401) 232-1411

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Company History

Mr. Tony Ramos, our Founder, arrived in the USA at the age of 17. He worked as a “marble boy” in Portugal and used his skills and passion to obtain a job in the Rhode Island granite industry.He started his own business as a stone sculptor.After he purchased his third quarry he turned his focus to large architectural projects. He has owned and operated several granite fabrication plants in the country. His trophy Project being the National World War II Memorial.

Mr. Ramos began purchasing neglected quarries one by one as he worked on renovating historical buildings and monuments and found the original stones used were not available for purchase. The use of concrete and now glass has crippled the granite industry which had built so many nationally known structures.Many mines became more valuable as commercial or residential developments.Mr. Ramos made it his mission to locate and revive any remaining historic quarries which built some of our nation’s greatest architectural treasures. He now owns 19.

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