Contact Information

76 rue Saint-Paul, Suite 100
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada G1K 3V9
Phone: 1 418 692 4695
Fax: 1 418 692 0981


Company History

Polycor Inc. is the world’s leading natural stone quarrier and its core mission is to make people fall in love with natural stone. Their world-class reputation comes from a great legacy of stone work on historical landmarks, institutional, commercial and residential projects. Founded in Québec City (Canada) in 1987, the company now employs nearly 1,100 people and owns over 50 quarries and 17 manufacturing plants across North America and Europe.

Polycor stones have been used in the construction of heritage sites and monuments worldwide. Polycor brings cutting-edge expertise to the restoration of buildings and monuments that were built with its natural stones. Engineers and restoration teams work hand-in-hand to ensure the preservation and restoration of these historic monuments.

Our spearhead: continuing to set the innovative benchmark in the natural stone industry. We ally creative thinking with ongoing research and development to initiate advanced practices, develop original products, and breathe new life into natural stone.

Through research and development, acquisitions and partnerships, Polycor Inc. remains a leader in the industry. And our solid commitment to the communities where we work ensures sustainability on the local level.

This is the mark of a company whose proud reputation stands on the legacy of its world-renowned natural stones.

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